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Ensuring your pet is well trained and obedient is vital to keeping both your family and your pet happy and safe. Poorly trained pets can at best, cause irritation at home, and at worst, injure themselves or others. We stock a wide range of products with your pet's health & obedience in mind.

*  Halti, Canny Collar & Gentle Leader

*  House and long lines

*  Deterrent sprays

*  Training whistles and clickers

*  Pet correctors

*  Treat bags

*  Slow feed anti gulp bowls


At Pet Comforts, we stock an extensive range of products to help you train your young pet or correct unwanted behaviours. Whether your pet needs reminders and encouragement, or more forceful correction methods, we've got products to suit every need.

Our selection includes:

Products to suit your needs

Our expert staff are happy to help you find the appropriate training aids for your pet. We understand the importance of keeping your pet obedient and safe. In addition to training aids, we also offer a range of Pet Food and Health Products, as well as Toys and Accessories. Stop by or call today.

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Train your new pet or correct unwanted behaviours with training aids from Pet Comforts.

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