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Your pet is a member of your family, and you want the best for them. At Pet Comforts, we stock a range of popular brands of food and health products, as well as a number of specialist, vet-recommended products to help you provide your pet with a healthy, balanced diet.

  • Flea and tick products

  • Dog and cat wormers

  • Ear, eye and body wipes

  • First aid wound powders and creams

  • Dental products

  • Health supplements


* Air dried treats.

* Deer antlers.

* Buffalo horn.

* Roots.

* Vegetarian.

* Grain free.

Veterinary products

Large range of natural treats:

At Pet Comforts, we understand how important the health of your pet is, no matter how big or small they may be. Count on us to supply foods and health products for a nutritionally balanced diet. We also carry pet Toys and Accessories, as well as Training Aids. Stop by our shop or call today.

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